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Visit us this summer for a unique 15 minute Zorb ball experience.
This is composed of a 3 minute training seminar-where we will instruct you on proper behavior inside the Zorb ball, and let you sign some waivers. And a 12 minute Hamster ride-where you will have the chance to walk, run, race, and crash against fellow participants!


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ii) If you have already purchased a voucher, please skip this step, but remember to put your voucher number when booking.

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All rides will be performed at O'Connor Park in Mississauga on the following days:

Saturday June 18th

Sunday June 19th

Saturday July 2nd

Sunday July 3rd

Saturday July 9th

Sunday July 10th

Saturday July 23rd

Sunday July 24th

Sunday July 31st

Sunday August 7th

Saturday August 20th

Sunday August 21st

To book a time slot click here: d1e5-3hbhdr89227u-lzz8v-1

Please be aware that a separate booking is needed for each person! For example, if you bought the Zorb ball ride for two voucher, please book a session, and once done , press the “book a ride for another participant” button at the bottom of the page to book another session (can be for the same time) for the other participant.