What are the weight and height restrictions?

We usually recommend that our participants are less than 230 pounds and less than 6.5 feet.


What do you do in the ball during the ride?

There are so many things to try out once you’re inside the Zorb ball! You can walk, run, or even do summersaults! It really gets fun when you come with a partner or in a small group. That’s when you can start racing and crashing into each other! Two of our adult, and two of our child Zorb balls also have the option to strap yourself in, as long as you can find someone to push you around!


Is this only for kids?

Absolutely NOT! Many of our customers are adults and teenagers!It’s such a fun and exciting ride, that ¬†everyone wants to try it!


What is the minimum age for the ride?

Any kid that is old enough to walk, and up to 8 years old, can go into our kid Zorb ball. For ages 8 and up, they will go into the larger Zorb ball.


How many Zorb balls do we have?

We have one blue kid Zorb ball without straps.

Two orange kid Zorb balls with straps.

One medium Zorb ball without straps (for teenagers and adults.

Two large green Zorb balls with straps (for adults.)

So 6 in total!


Is it safe?

Absolutely. Prior to the ride we will give you a short training seminar in order to enforce safety. You can read more on our safety guidelines by visiting our safety page or clicking here.


What if it rains?

In order to ensure you wont drive there only to find that its cancelled, please visit our website (hamsterfun.ca), and follow our social media accounts to stay updated. If there are severe weather conditions, we will update our website and social media accounts by 8am on the day of.